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Hi, I recently got into an accident because of brake failure and am looking for some advice from the SLK experts.

I was standing at a red light (for approximately 1 min) with my foot on the brake waiting for the light to turn green. Suddenly, the car started to drive forward. I pushed all the way down on the brake but my car still rear ended the vehicle in front of me.

I will be taking the car to a mechanic for an initial diagnostic, but I need some tips on what could have possibly caused for the brakes to release and lock up.

Some initial diagnosis:
I’ve checked the brake fluid (new). Brake pads and rotors are in good condition. I did not get any error codes from the car code reader. I did not get any warning lights on the dashboard. There are no issues with braking at the moment.

Could a faulty ABS module be the source of the brake failure?

Any advice is greatly appreciated!!! I'm confused why this unfortunate incident happened.

2012 SLK 350 43k miles



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Olya, never heard of that on our cars. Usual reason that are published on other makes is mistaking the gas for the brake :surprise:

OR MAYBE do you have the auto hold when you press the brake REAL hard to set the brake?

If you do, just moving the steering wheel a fraction or touching the gas will release the brake and well, you know what happens :frown:
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