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The newest one in the stable is the SLK. A long time desire of mine.

Here is a photo of my 3 Mercedes (If you count a Smart as one) The 2011 Smart CDI is for getting around in town and my wife sometimes uses it to & from work.

I bought the SLK a months or so ago as a Birthday present to myself.
It's 26 years since I had a convertible Mercedes, it was a 1979 R107 350SL and I always regretted selling it.
So this year despite my Wife's :xmild disapproval (Mutterings of second childhood and too windy) I decided to "go for it".

The result was a 2002 R170 SLK 230 Kompressor in Brilliant Silver/Anthracite with 66k miles on the clock. It has an AUDIO 30 APS fitted which is very handy.

I have had it thoroughly checked out by my local Mercedes independent and a few jobs taken care of.

I have already fitted -

A CLK style grille
Chrome surrounds to the lamps Front & Rear
Chrome strip on numberplate lamp holders
Alloy wheels refurbished in Satin Silver
Rear parking sensors
Lexan (Polycarbonate) Smoke Tinted Windblocker

I am now over the next month going to add a few more items to the car -

Bluetooth Phone connection with phone charger
Platinum Burlwood Wood Dashboard Trim
Footwell lights
Front parking sensors

I am also considering redoing the Seats in a "Designo" style.I am waiting for material samples from Seat-Styler in Germany - Custom-Made Car Seat Covers | Order Now at Seat-Styler!

Besides the SLK & Smart I have a 320 CDI E Class Estate with 63k miles. Brilliant Silver with black leather upholstery and Black Birdseye Maple Wood trim.

I'm off this week for a few days to South Devon so I can find out how the SLK feel like on a run.



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Howdy from Calgary Canada, welcome to the SLK world. I personally count a Smart as part of the MB Family, the 2005 CDI I had, said 'Mercedes' in big letters on the engine valve cover, and it was purchased new from the same Mercedes dealer I bought my 2012 SLK from. You got to get the wife out on some nice sunny warm days, and maybe buy her a hat with some tie straps? My wife has long hair and she just ties it back in a ponytail when in any of our cabriolets, when the tops are down. We also always carry a small hair brush in the glove box.
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