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Out for breakfast and what do I see? A gt and a cobra up ahead
The gt did not want to play and the cobra had gauges and stuff and made noise. He revved. I revved. but he went straight and I turned left.

But at next light, a charger (I think it was a charger/challenger, both boats) pulls up and you know he wanted to go. No time for a picture.
Light goes green and I hit it and he either was slow on the pedal or was surprised light turned green cause he was trying to make up for it now, but too late. He tries to catch up but sorry, that's not going to happen either. He turns at the next light left lane and I went on my merry way.


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On the Cobra forum there was a driving story about the SLK55 in Florida that got lucky and turned left and got away... (joking)

Later spotted picking on over weight, underpowered Mopars...

On a serious note: Any of you all ever drive one of the supercharged Cobras? I got the chance to drive a highly modified 2003 Terminator which was reported to be making 570hp at the rear wheels. I was expecting it to be hard to control and impossible to put the power down but with its independent rear axle and some very wide and very sticky tires, I was shocked that I could floor it going about 10mph in 1st gear and it hooked hard and nearly lifted the front wheels off the ground. I cannot say what its 0-60 times are but it had ran in the mid-low 11's on 1/4mi drags. I was pretty impressed with it. The newer super-snakes are reported to be even quicker. Just saying that they are not push overs if the owners know how to drive at all. The father of the Cobra owner drove my 55 and claimed it felt a lot like the Cobra, which is true but where my car feels less potent as the speed climbs and it gets into the taller gears, the cobra seemed to just keep pulling faster and faster. On a short stoplight run where reaction time and available traction is the determinant, we might have a chance. But, if the pull is longer, fuggitaboutit.

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