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my headunit stays on even when the car is off

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So my newly instaĺled after market hu is staying on. I concluded that this is because i have it connected to the power that was comming to the audio 20 and that is a constant. Where do i get switched power? One post said use power from cig lighter...

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Yep, the cigarette lighter should do it..
if you used something like a connects2 wiring loom/canbus adaptor they sometimes will have interchangeable plugs on the permanent and ignition on feeds, for this reason
I used the metra. But how does this help if there is no other switched line nearby except for the cig lighter.

Thanks for confirming cig lighter idea above . Could nt do anything without you peeps
+1 for the cig lighter

The original A20 uses CANBUS signals to turn on / off, hence the permanent conenction ...
Guys which of the 3 wires from the cig do i use. Why does it have 3?

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