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The Weather here in Phoenix was abit crazy today. I came Home and had a Layer of Ice on the Top of the Finny......:(:confused:.

My Betty told me when i came Home that our beloved english Basset stayed in the House all Day not even sticking his Nose thru the Door to chase that pesty Neighbors Cat around the Pool. He did not Pee Poop but he ate a Bowl of Chicken Noodle Soup with Kibble Bits and right after that he did what he does best on rainy Arizona Days......

I might have to send him to Camp Woolly in England for a little Reminder about his Family Tree his Heritage the Fashion and what the Weather on the Island can be.....

At least my french Hound was a bit smarter..... he sneaked out thru the Garage Door chased down the Ice Cream Lady laid down in front of her Truck and would not move till she gave him his fav. Treat...... Haribo Gummi Bears.....

Omg i am so doomed 2 Hounds 2 Teen Daughters and a Betty with a Shoe Fetish.......

No wonder my Semi is my Castle 6 Days a Week ........:rb:rb:rb......

and my Heckflosse is still in Parts in the Garage.......:(:(:(:(
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