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Hi all,

My father is having to sell his car as he's had his licence revoked due to ill health. It's his pride and joy, a 1992 Mercedes W124 300TD (Estate).

I was just wondering how much it's worth, as I can't find anything exactly like it on ebay/Autotrader/Gumtree, etc. Those that are similar seem to be fetching between £3k and £6k. This is quite a range and I'm not sure how to pitch it.

Here are some basic details:

1992 k-reg (private plate not included)
81k miles
3 litre diesel
Full Mercedes service history from new
Was owned by the manager of Mercedes Benz Salisbury for it's first year of life, then my dad took it on
Runs perfectly and starts first time
New MOT and battery
Recently services by Mercedes Benz main dealer
Folders full of receipts
Some bubble rust on the wings, but otherwise in great condition for year

If anyone has any idea of value I'd be really grateful.

Thanks in advance.


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