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Coming up to a roundabout and turning left, I scooted out.
About 30-40 yards later the limit goes from 30 up to 50 mph.

I saw an Audi closing in so thought I'd 55 the new limit.
Only to see the Audi scooting past me!:surprise:

I guess a 55 with roof down and being nippy was too much to resist.

Unfortunately he misread my acceleration as race action.

Judging by the volume of black smoke he left behind (reminiscent of WW2 films where destroyers 'make smoke')
I think he dropped 2 gears.

Car certainly bogged down before picking up speed again.

Maybe it was Mutley impersonation, laughing at his overtake?
Perhaps the 'shaking the bottle' gesture as he pulled in?

I can't lie, I was tempted to blow him out of the water.
However, he blew a red light and that's all bets off for me.

So, my 55 is covered in smoke particles.

I've been kippered.

[I wonder if I can come to some sort of reward deal with the local Audi garage?
Some kind of reward for every trashed Audi I get into their workshop]
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