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On Saturday SKKNW, lead by Brenda, an AMG type, put on another great drive from Seattle to the east side of Mount St Helens and back. I joined them, my third and not my last trip with this group, for the outbound part of the trip but from there headed to the Oregon coast and up around the Olympic peninsula en route back home on Vancouver Island.

This was my route after I got to Seattle:
After that, I took the Blackball Ferry to Victoria and then drove the 2 hour trip to Qualicum Beach.

This is a great group:


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33 years and still healing.

33 years later and still healing.jpg

Part of the SLK NW Group.

2013 SLK NW Group.jpg

New Lava Dome growing behind the green mound in the foreground. Can grow up to 5 feet in a day at a rate of 10 yards a second.

2013 Lava Dome.jpg

A few of the SLK's at a View Point.

Slk's at the View Point.jpg
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