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hello members I am happy to find a forum which shares the same interrests in a car as I do , my lovely SLK is a 200 k R 171 in palladium Silver year 2008 which I bought a year ago .Living in Australia at the beautiful Sunshine coast Qld where it makes it worthwile to drive one of this beautiful mashines. Found out about this forum after my air/heating fan stopped working during loud rattle noise with your help we my husband fixed it by removing the fanblower and discarding the sucked in red plastic cover of the posetive battery post thankyou for the english version of you tube
regards Sompean

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Hello Sompean and welcome to the forum.. from Stella in sunny France..0:)

Nice to have another lady joining our exchanges of information and fun..:grin:

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Hi, welcome from Barrhead, Scotland.

Some tips to make your visit here more enjoyable:
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Welcome to The #1 Mercedes-Benz SLK Forum from Valrico, Florida!

First please update your location and vehicle (year?: 1996-2016, model?: 32, 200, 230, 250, 280, 300,320,350,55) in your profile as it helps the members answer your questions which usually are based on that information if you haven鈥檛. This takes about 30 seconds to do.
Follow exactly to update: 鈥楿sercp鈥 at the top of page, then 鈥榚dit your details鈥 on the left side, 鈥榓dditional information鈥 near the bottom, edit your 鈥榣ocation鈥 and 鈥榲ehicle鈥. Info in your garage does not update your profile.

owner's and maintenance manuals great R171 info:

later year owner's/maintenance/comand manuals, top right in the link below:
Bill's Den: Documents

Lube those seals:

your brochure:

mods you should do:

clear or tinted side markers
shorty antenna
led license plate bulbs
led parking lights
carbon fiber on the C pillars
oem windscreen or lighted/etched windscreen
Post your vin in the Vehicle Datacard Request section to get a free datacard (options on your car).

Thank you
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Hi and welcome from the UK Midlands! :)

As Jeff has already mentioned above, it would be great if you could add your location and car details into your forum profile please (instructions included in Jeff's post above). Thanks! :tu:

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Hi Sompean,

Welcome, I live on the Sunshine coast too and so do other SLKer, go to forum and you will find a QLD SLKer link. We go for runs with people who love their SLKs and having a good time. We are having a run on the Sunshine Coast at the end of September, you and your husband are welcome to join us.

Greg B

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Welcome from the Sacramento Valley SLK Enthusiasts!

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Welcome from Canada.
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