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Being a bit old fashioned, I want to fit a pair of spot lamps to my FL SLK. I can see a number of possibilities that will fit in the outer ends of the grille so that’s not a problem.

But how to I mount them?
Most are supplied with a bracket that swivels horizontal to vertical with a single bolt fixing. I don’t want to drill the bumper if I can avoid it but need a solid mounting so I don’t have wobbly beams. I expect to add a top steady up to the slam panel.

Anyone done this or have any ideas?

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Well, being biased towards always making any mods reversible on my cars
so I can go back to completely stock condition,
If I were to add extra lights I would look at mounting them off the front number plate mounting bracket.
It is easy to replace and easy to screw into.
A light mounting bar could be attached to it and those lights won’t block the
radiator, nor other things.

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If you remove the two fake air vents in the front bumper you will find that behind them are the mounting bolts for the bumper cover, they are square metal pieces with a threaded shaft, they press through the plastic bumper cover and throughpart of the core support and have nuts on the back. Remove the nuts and push the threaded shaft and attached square metal bit out.

Take about 9" of 3/16" x 2" steel flat bar and bend it at 90, make a cardboard mockup first, so you know where to put the holes for the mount and the light. Drill the holes, round the corners and paint. Now using an M8 bolt put it through the L bracket, the bumper cover and the core support and put a washer and nyloc nut on the back and tighten it.

Take the pop out fake vent and cut a 2" wide by 3/16" slot in t so that it can pop back in allowing just the horizontal part of the L bracket to poke out. Mount your lights.

On a US spec car you can mount a bosch relay to the bolt that secures the coolant overflow tank, run power wires back to the battery, and the switch and power output wires forward. The switch lead is attached to the passenger side high beam supply wire and closes the relay when the high beams are triggered, the power leads run forward and pass below the radiator to each individual light.

When you pull back to flash the high beams or when you push forward to turn on the high beams the driving lights will come on as well.

If you need more detailed photos I'll take some, if you need a wiring diagram I can make you one as well. Here is the result on my SLK 320, and I am in the process of doing the same for my SLK32


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