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Coming back on the motorway from a short drive around some country lanes (still wearing in my new shocks and exhaust).

I was in the outside lane, doing less than the limit as there were about 20 cars all lines up in front, I had left about 5-6 car lengths, as there's little point in sitting on someones bumper at 60mph

So anyway, glancing in my mirror I see a Kia of sorts (maybe a sportage, I know right!?) zooming up behind me like he has not seen the 20+ cars in a long line in front of us,..he proceeds to come and sit right on my bumper, I ignored it and maintained my 6 car lengths to the car in front

Some minutes later my exit was one or two away and there was a break in the traffic to get over to the left hand lane and maybe use my accelerator a bit (I love doing that) So I checked my mirror once, glanced over my shoulder and indicated and matey boy in the Kia thinks he's going to be clever and cut me up by pulling up on my inside,...NOPE. Whole lotta NOPE.

Quickly crossed the middle lane and into the left hand lane to get out of his way and what do you know, he's followed me :)

put the right foot to the floor (in 6th gear) and just pushed away, Once I had about 5-6 car lengths on him and was clear I was easily pulling away I called him on waving to come forward. He couldn't answer. I left him about a kilometer or 2 behind after overtaking some slow moving traffic in the left hand lane

Moved back into the left hand lane waiting for my turn off,... a few minutes later who pulls in about 500 meters behind me in the left hand lane? you guessed it, matey boy in the Kia. He zoomed up and pulled back into the middle lane, trying to overtake me I think...

I put my indicator on and turn off,..leaving him feeling slightly deflated I would imagine as he still had not passed me :D

Some of them are just fools. SLK 230 is on the back silly, can't you read!?
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