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Last weekend, during my normal workout, I noticed the Huntington Beach PD motor cops now pilot bikes like road racing bikes.

Came to a red light at Beach Blvd going south on PCH. When I left the light, I looked to the right behind the hedges and lo and behold a HB motor cop on a brand new racer.

It took me about 150 yards to get to the speed limit (55) but the cop had a bad position. Another car to my left was doing their own workout but never past me. We both stopped momentum at 55 and by the time the MOTOPD came into view in the mirror, the game was over.

The cop mad a U-turn at Brookhurst and I assume back to position.

Scott, what do you think about taking a cut in pay and riding those rockets in HB

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1 - 2 of 2 Posts