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Mortefontaine is located in north of Paris. This speedway is not homologated for racing but used by manufacturers to drive tests. Sometimes UTAC CERAM is organizing track days for GT cars.

The speedway is calculated for 180 km/h (112 mph). At this speed you can let go of the steering wheel and accelerate to climb or decelerate to go down. With an instructor in the right place, I did a turn with no hands and closed eyes at 180 km/h.
Of course with a good car you can drive over 180 km/h.

The sessions are organized 6 cars by 6 cars connected by radio with the instructor in the first car.
On this video the weather was raining and I ran 215 km/h (133,6 mph) with my SLK.

The speedway has also a wide plane area with a braking track on wet marble, like on ice, and wet turns to test your car without or with ESP.

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