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I guess a boring F1 Season is ahead of us.:grin:

McLaren racing director Eric Boullier believes it will take more than two years for the rest of the field to catch up with Mercedes and says it is no surprise Honda is so far behind at the moment.

Mercedes' domination of F1 looks set to continue for another year at least after Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg finished over 30 seconds clear of the rest of the field at the season-opener in Australia. The gap has created concerns that Mercedes' advantage may put fans off, but Boullier thinks it was inevitable with the regulations.

"I don't this is bad for the sport," he said. "Of course, everyone wants all the cars racing together like we had in 2012, but any technical change in the regulations is opening the door to creating gaps and loopholes. I'm not surprised, this is the price you pay if you change the regulations as drastically as has been changed. You have to be patient to catch up."

Honda joined McLaren this year but the new partnership made a slow start to its F1 return with qualifying times over five seconds off the pace of Mercedes in Melbourne.

"In our case, Mercedes has been developing the engine for more than three years, and Honda for 18 months - that's already a huge part of the answer," Boullier added. "For Ferrari and Renault I don't have any answers, but Mercedes has a good team in place and have done a pretty good job already last year, so you can expect them to do an even better job. I'm not very surprised. These engines still have a lot of potential to unlock, so it may take more than a couple of years to catch up."

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Mercedes AMG Petronas’ executive technical director Paddy Lowe has fired warning shots ahead of this weekend’s Malaysian Grand Prix, that there’s still more to come for the Mercedes W06 even after its dominant opening race 1-2 at the Australian Grand Prix.

Lowe admitted the team is already bringing some updates to Sepang this week.

“We may see some slight adjustments in the performance differential between teams due to the very different nature of the track relative to Melbourne,” Lowe said, “and we’re also bringing a few small updates to the cars – fixing a few points which have not been up to scratch thus far.”

Mercedes-Benz motorsport head Toto Wolff was more cautious in his pre-race comments, noting the competition is likely to improve and the weekend itself is far different from Melbourne.

“We will not be backing off – and nor can we afford to, with a relentless opposition chasing us,” Wolff said. “Ferrari have made a clear step forwards, Williams also look very strong and you can never count anybody out at this stage, so we are prepared for a fight in the coming races.”

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Red Bull Racing complaining that Mercedes is too far ahead

This is really rich. Red Bull Racing complaining that Mercedes is too far ahead of his team!!! :crying:
Red Bull team principal Christian Horner is adamant that Mercedes' current Formula 1 dominance is far greater than his squad ever achieved.

Horner's team won the world championship from 2010-13, taking Sebastian Vettel to a string of drivers' titles in tandem with its constructors' success.

But having called for the FIA to take action to peg back Mercedes, Horner argued that the need for change now was more dramatic than it was during Red Bull's glory period.

Asked if he appreciated the irony of a once-dominant team demanding equivalency, Horner replied: "I can understand, but when we were performing we never had the level of dominance that we are seeing, nowhere near.
Christian Horner: Red Bull never dominated F1 as much as Mercedes - F1 news -
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