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Left Florida the 19th of May. Returned home the 23rd of June.

8,950 miles in a 2013 SLK 350, plus another 1,000 miles in a rental while awaiting a new rim due to a close encounter with a hole in the pavement.

Some comments and pics after I get back to normal.

The saddest thing was witnessing the crash of an 18 wheeler and an SUV just in front of me. The 18 wheeler driver had a medical issue, crossed through the grass median, struck the SUV nearly head on and then traveled another 100 yards or so out into a rice field. A young couple of 25, and their 10 month old child, had their lives snuffed out in just a few seconds. They had no chance. So sad:crying:


Registered NO SLK but an SL 550
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Key turning points on the trip.

Dade City FL - start
Lexington KY - hit a pothole. The car sat there for a week while awaiting an OEM rim. Took a rental car to/from Ohio to visit family.
Amarillo TX - I-40 from Lexington. The road is not in good shape most of the way. Passed the fatal car wreck. Sad
Albuquerque NM - MB dealer for an alignment since it was not done correctly in Lexington.
NM - A very scary drive on old Rt State 10...from Kingman AZ to Needles CA. Take a look at the road on Google Earth then imagine yourself out there at night with no one else in sight for an hour. Oatman AZ is a different kind of town
Durango CO - narrow gauge train
Laughlin NV...Las Vegas...then
Yosemite National Park - Glacier Point and lunch at the Ahwanee Inn....a must do if you haven't
Reno NV
Glacier National Park - lunch at a Glacier lodge
Glascow MT - Opheim MT - into Canada -'s pretty desolate up that way.
Moose Jaw - Winnipeg Canada ---- horrible roads up there.
Sioux Falls SD - B service at the local MB dealer. Top notch.
Kansas City
St Louis
.....then I made my way back home via MS, AL and GA.

I'm a "west of the Mississippi" guy. Once I cross the Mississippi coming home I'm ready to get home.

More later..........
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