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Hi folks. As a second road trip for this summer me and my gf drove to Montenegro. Actually this whole trip took place in August but I haven't had time to post a topic about it. Well... Heres some picture:

DAY1 Helsinki, Finland -> Ciecierzyn, Poland. 1070km / 665miles.

We decided to spend nigh at hotel in Helsinki just for we could catch first ferry to Talinn, Estonia.

Great view from our hotel room at 11th floor.

Luckily the harbour situated less than a kilometer from hotel we stayed

Very easily we had drove to Latvija border.

Middle of the day we were feeling hungry. Small village called Liadags was only few kilometers away from Via Baltica main road.

Food was ok. A little bit more expencive that we expected but still cheap.

This was the road we had to drive few kilometer to get back to main road.

Fast we were in Lithuania.

Time to fill up. In these neighborhoods it was tuff to find hi octane gasoline.

Sun set and Poland border.

We were getting too tired to take photos as we drove deeper into small roads of Polan. It was middle of night when we arrived to Hotel Dwor Anna in Poland.

DAY2. Ciecierzyn, Poland -> Ecséd, Hungary. 580km / 360miles.
After th breakfast we hit the road. It was hard day to come because those Poland small roads were busy and full of suprizess.

First traffic jam.

Lunch time. This road side diner didn't have english manu so I just ordered something based on prize. Gf did the same. I got some sort of traditional soup and gf got kebab meat tube.

Driving again.

Sometimes locals liked to park they cars quite poser style. No these were not for sale. Just locals who lived in near by houses.

Slovakia border.

Looks so familiar... Drove this very same road in 2017 Croatia road trip.

Less traffic than in Poland.

Just like that we entered into Hungary. Border in picture.

Highways in Hungary were good and traffic was minimal at that time. I kept driving 150kmh / 94mph as we were tired and need for hotel bed & shower.

Buzás Pince Vendégház, Ecséd, Hungary. This was one epic moment. When we finally got to hotel it was completlly dead. No lights no people nothing. Whole Ecsed village looked like all has gone. By accidentally I spotted a small hand written note paper near gate witch gave me number to call. Some lady with minor english skills answered and told us to wait ten minutes. After 15 minutes two ladys with heavy beer odor pushing child cart came from darkness. One opened the gate and main door, switched off the alarm and put lights on. She gave us all the main keys and front gate remote controller and told that whole hotel is ours for this night. Then they both left.

After we had checked our room and took shower we had to get something to eat.

It was matter of time because near by Hatwan city was only place to have some decent dining places and all of them were closeing soon.

Just on time. Kitchen took orders only 10 minutes after we entered but no problems we got food and all good. After that we drove back to dead black hotel and parked SLK behind the gates.

More to come, to be continued.

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DAY3. Ecséd, Hungary -> Zadar, Croatia. 780km / 485miles.

Strange morning when we woke up. Whole diffirent scenery and place. During the nigh couple of cars has entered and at the breakfast room there were more quests eating. Young and happy lady with strong french accent were cooking and serving fresh eggs and stuff. And while I carried bags into car I noticed near by road was full of life.

On the way...

Old fashion service what we dont see anymore here in Finland

Route went near Lake Balaton.

Roads were very good and that gave us reason to drive bit faster.

Shortly we entered Croatia.

Croatia is a beautifull country.

In the end we arrived quite early evening, thanks to fast croatian highways, into Zadar and Hotel Nikos. This was four star hotel and everything was top notch.

Time to relax and have vine & food.

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DAY4. Zadar, Croatia -> Prcanj, Kotor, Montenegro. 350km / 218miles

What a great feeling to woke up to know its going to be short drive. We took quick swim into Adrian sea just before breakfast.

A short visit to old town of Zadar.

And back to road...

Temperatures kept rising as we drove more to south.

Roads were so good and tempted to drive fast.

And theres a reason for that. Road taxes were colected once in a while...

Northern green Croatia became more and more sun burned and rural.

When driving from Croatia to Montenegro, you have to enter Bosnia Hertsegovina for few kilometer.

My gf was a bit worried because in BiH there is some old landmines still left after the war. I told her that no worries they are in forest, not in road.


Back to Eu and Croatia...

Coastal road.

Franjo Tudjmanin bridge near Dubvronik.

At finally we are getting to Montenegro border.

It was chaotic. We had to wait almost an hour get thru. Old grumpy officer wanted to see all the documents; passports, driving licence, registeration papers and green card of the car. This is when you step outside of EU.

Finaly we got thru the border. Beautifull country.

Mod edit (what he said :wink: )
The Montenegrin side was beautiful and lively. A clearly rising tourist land. But how-ever, I did notice that we were outside the EU. The people were running and the bazaar and the music and the cry refreshed the soul here. Exotic species.

Nice scenery.

Even Mercs 2018 navi-DVD couldn't help us any moore. Luckily I had extra navigator with me with updated maps.

The ferry over the bond was once again one experience. Chaotic runing to have tickets and all the car were honking and you dont know where to go.

We were the first ones to enter when one of three ferryes came back.

Ferry full of life. :lol:

Well... When roads are narrow and traffic is chaotic a short 350km drive could take longer than you thougth. But finaly we got into hotel.

Once again, time to eat and drink.

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New day and new tricks. We had this night in next hotel other side of Kotor bay. Planed length of driving was only 35km / 22 miles.

Starting from Prcanjn hotel we had to make a decision witch route we take. Go back or drive further. We took the last one and enjoyed the road unknown.

Google Street View told us that its going to be normal two lane road soon.

And it was right. Not too much traffic and even opened the roof.

We enjoyed and stopped to take pictures. We had all the time today.

Over the roof tops.

In the end we arrived to Perast old town. We had to leave car in side of the road but got lucky and free space was right on where our hotel entrance was.

Old town.

Hail to the greatest animals on planet, the cats.

And more of him/her.

We also did a small boat trip to near by island.

Lady of the rock.

End of the day went with eating and drinking. Didn't took pictures, just relaxing.

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Next morning. This is it, time to head back home. Long days ahead.

We took short swim just before breakfast and local cats were relaxing. So beautifull and calm animals. They looked so happy.

This was our hotel entrance.

It was about 20km drive from Perast to border.

Local road worker.

Broken Dewalt drill.

And the border buzz. There was first check point right before real border. Officer took our passports and went away. Came back 10min later with smile and "Finlandeese finlandeese... Drive safe"

So close so far.

Inlet temps kept rising.

During our long wait we had time take pics.

At this point we had waited well over 90minutes with ac blasting. Line moved once in a while but slooowly. I allso did a small mistake. Just before we left hotel I filled the tank full, a bit too full. Chill gasoline pumped from deep under ground tanks started to expand in hot weather in my tank. First I smelled vapours but then some bypasser told my car is leaking. I opened filler cap even more gasoline sooted out. It wasnt actually pleasant moment to realize we were sitting in middle of quite large gasoline puddle. I poured all of our drinking waters into puddle and diluted it quite much.


Same road, diffirent direction.

Once again BiH and my gf was looking for land mines.

Top temp numbers. 108F*

Verry good and fast Croatian road.

In the end we arrived to Okrug, near well-known Split.

Local cat gave a friendly look when we went to eat.

The view from our hotel balcony.

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This was pure driving day. It was only 620km / 385miles from Okrug, Croatia to Siofok, Hungary. On those fast highways it was only 5-6 hour drive.

After tradiotional morning swim and then good hotel breakfast we hit the road. Its a good idea to book hotel near see or lakes so get early swim. It really boost the day.

Just casual driving.

Had to pay road taxes once in a while.

What have Slovakians bought? No idea.

Hungary is oldfashion and strick country. First border officers were standing and watchin well before actual border.

Lot of heavily armed officers were at border. They wanted to see all of our papers; passports, my driving licence, all car papers including the GreenCard. They were interested also of my mini-style plates. Specially because theres no eu-prefix on them. Since all was ok and we are eu-citizens they couldn't hold us longer and were free to go.

Open road ahead.

We arrived Siofok fast. Inside gated parking area there was old Alfa. Been siting quite a long time.

Siofok situated by Lake Balaton. Quite large lake actually in europe scale. Weather was cold and windy so we went to eat and explored local shops.

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Thanks for posting up another excellent Road trip Report :tu:
...also for the lesson in the more Southern European counties - This is a map of where "Montenegro" is:

As for the Montenegro cats, I asked our "Jaspy's" if He recognised any of the them..??

He said it was a distant cousin, apparently...!!


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Jaspy looks so much same than the one in pictures. =) How old is he?

I'll post rest pictures soon.

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Looks like you had a great trip. Thanks for sharing the experience, photos, and info with us. :tu: :smile:

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From Hungary the journey continued through Slovakia to the Czech Republic towards Ostrava. The small 500km shift was quick.

Navi steered nicely.

Old disused border offices.

It was interesting many officers was standing Hungary border with **** and cannons, but there was nothing when we left Hungary. Not even border booths. The traffic signs and the navi screen showed that the country was changing.

Slovakia was fast drive thru.

Same thing when you come to the Czechs. Just across the bridge and the land changed.

The traffic was more colorful.

Close but no cigar as I spotted something at 160kmh thinking it was some harmless tree branch. Only at the very moment did I notice that I was avoiding a rather large hammer. Yes, it lays in the fast lane of the highway right in the tramline! Probably dropped from some truck. If I had driven over that hammerhead... Luckily not. I still kept my eyes open if there was some other stuff on the road, but luckily it wasn't.

The Best Western Vista on the edge of Ostrava was reached on time. Little shopping and eating. The pictures for my part are not taken. The companion can have something.

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DAY 9:

From Ostrava we set off for an 820km crossing from Poland to Lithuania. The drive was ok because our route in Poland was almost entirely on motorways. The Best Western Hotel provided an excellent breakfast and the car was right in front of the main doors in the guarded car park. By the way, I haven't seen the guard booths and two men in the hotel parking lot.

The location of our hotel was good. We quickly got out of the morning rush to the motorway.

I immediately made it clear to myself and my companion that the 820km drive required fast speeds in order to get to next hotel early. I immediately set the speed to 170kmh and kept it there.

Quite painlessly we had moved across Poland near the Lithuanian border. Only at one point in Poland just before Zambrow, the police with laser radar looked at me as I fly by. It was probably good luck when on the next ramp the navi quided us out of the highway towards Lithuanian border and lost quite easily from any follow-up.

At Lomza, we stopped at a well-known Garage Grill & Bar restaurant. Same place that we stopped by on our Italian trip few months back. I ate the same Baca-Burger as last time. Verry good mmm.

Satisfied, the journey continued.

The illusion of careless driving with high speeds in Poland was shattered when I spotted two police cars on a speeding motorist. The bike in that picture is between a civilian and a marked police car. Note that there are no old beaten up Skodas, but rather fresh Beemers.

Fast driving continued in Lithuania.

Early in the evening we arrived in Kaunas, Lithuania. We chose Algiro Hotel, which became familiar to me when I and our posse went on road trip in 2016 with two AMGs. A new neat, affordable and above all well-located hotel.

Local beautifull cat.

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DAY 10

Kaunas is 580km from Tallinn. Especially since the comms of the harbor are now familiar, you don't have to stress about them either. Been there so many time by now.

In the morning. There are no more pictures and stories of that ViaBaltica now. Straightforward driving. Finding the 98-octane was sometimes a bit laborious on the Lithuania Latvia road. I probably passed the same truck five times when I had to look at stations to see if there was gas for me or not.

There was so much time left at Tallinn that we popped into a local cat cafe.

I could flood with pictures of all 11 of the cafe's residents from different angles, but I will post only this one.

We booked a table from Chef Kitchen instead of the cabin and went for a full menu.

Around midnight at home in-yard parking spot. It was time to peek into what the long-term screen says. This was reset at the beginning of the trip.

The Latvian SuperAlko, or whatever it was on the roadside, grabbed supplement for my drink cabin.

The end.
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