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Really could not find a section for this one. Since it got a V8 I guess it should qualify for a 55 kinda sorta.:wink:

This 1969 Mercedes-Benz started life as a 280SL, but has more recently been fitted with a modern AMG V8 and supporting chassis, brake and safety upgrades. Apart from larger-than-stock tires, external visual clues are minimal, and the Stuttgart-area builder/seller has a fairly long record with these types of classic/modern hybrids. Find it here at Mechatronik in Pleidelsheim, Germany for 299k euros (~$326k USD today).

The ad doesn’t provide any significant historical background for the donor car, but the result looks wonderful. Restored to what looks like a very a high standard, paint, sheet metal, brightwork and other trim all show beautifully. Apart from the chunky rubber fitted around standard wheels and covers, there are no other external clues to the heavy modifications beneath–even standard looking exhaust finishers and model designation have been retained.

The interior is almost as subtle, though the custom shifter pedestal/armrest equipped center console could be a giveaway for those in the know–too bad the builders weren’t able to retain the original, tunnel-mounted gear selector and its funky bottom-detent park pattern. The radio is a retro-look item, likely with USB and Bluetooth capability, and speakers (with separate tweeters, apparently) have been concealed nicely in custom kick panels. Upholstery, carpets, and other trim look top-notch.

Though listed as a 4.3 liter, the engine cover doesn’t look quite right for that displacement–maybe it was swapped? Note the builder’s signature plaque. Says the seller: “Modern technology hides under the classical body. Base of this wolf in sheep’s clothing is a W113 280 SL. Before this pagoda was technically lifted in other spheres, it was fully restored at our classic workshop.”

The continue: “Combined with a 4.3 liter V8 AMG engine, adapted powertrain, modern brake system, modified chassis, and safety features such as ABS, ASR and extensive comfort features, this vehicle is an absolute classic.”

Mercedes-Benz W113 M-SL 4.3

Year: 1969
Paintwork: Silver
Interior: Leather | Lightbrown / Black
Gearing Type: Automatic
Mileage: 1502 KM
Power: 290 HP
Fuel: Petrol
Price: 299.000,- € (incl. 19% VAT)
Fuel consumption: (DIN 70030) 13,4 L Super determined at 3/4 of maximum speed, maximum of 110 km / h below surcharge of 10% (factory specification)

details and more pics here

W113 M-SL 4.3 EN - Mechatronik - Qualität, Perfektion und Leidenschaft

I prefer the 5.5 Coupe looks a bit more classy.
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