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Actions speak louder than words, and one officer’s actions show that he is a man with a heart of gold. His story of how he saved and ultimately adopted a stranded kitten has gone viral, turning him and Bella, the kitty, into viral stars.

According to KMBC, the incident happened before Christmas but video of it was just recently made available online by the North Kansas City Police Department, after it was edited from the stream recorded on Officer Jason Smith’s bodycam.

Smith was patrolling on I-29 when he noticed a small kitten stranded on the median, running the risk of being hit by a car and maimed or killed at any second. He knew he had to stop and help, but he also knew he had to do it in such a way as to not put other motorists at any risk.

“Smith called for help with traffic control, then got out of his unit and rescued the tiny crying kitten,” KMBC reports. “The kitten wasn't happy with its situation until Smith got it back into his patrol unit. Then the kitten decided it was OK with its newfound warmth, comfort and scratches.”

You can see footage of the rescue at the bottom of the page: it’s of the kind that turns any Monday into a good day, which would explain why people are going crazy over it. And the story only gets better from here: apparently, Smith ended up adopting the kitten, because he’d fallen in love with her. You can tell as much from the way he apologizes when he accidentally turns on the sirens, by the way.

“After the kitten received treatment and waited out its hold at an area animal shelter, she was adopted by Smith's family,” KMBC says. They named her Bella and she is now a viral star who’s winning over hearts to the left and right.

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