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Hi all. If anyone is looking for a pretty nice 320, I am Hertfordshire UK based and have regretfully decided to sell my second car which basically I cant use when taking my family terrier out and about in :(

If you check my garage profile, my 320 is truly a beautiful car, I would go far as saying that if presented at a dealership forecourt, you could pass this 320 as looking like a 5 year old vehicle.

71,000 miles, FSH , stamped service book, all the vehicle keys, booklets and manuals, aftermarket headlights and front grill and mint inside and out. Unmarked interior after a Volico OEM paint spruce up and other than three small maybe 2mm blemishes on the drivers door, she is just about as factory. Amazing car and sounds beautiful. Unmarked refurbished alloys with receipt and recent oil change and plugs changed about 1000 miles ago, if that. Currently used about twice a month, if that. Lots of bodywork polishes and preventative maintenance carried out to the underneath of the 320 in the form of copper slip grease on the underside mechanicals.

I recently purchased a mint TT which has a rear bench seat where I can carry my west highland terrier, but had the SLKs come with a small rear bench, I would not be selling. :(

You can see the condition on my garage photos. Kevin [email protected]

I am not generally logging into the SLK site much these days. PM me for my cellphone number of for any queries.

Beautiful sounding and looking 320.

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In no particular order

1. For sale threads are not editable by the poster. If you need a change made, please contact a moderator.
2, Thread should include price, pictures, contact info like email address. Try to not post a phone number.
3. If you have less than 15 posts, you won't be able to reply by pm as newbies won't be able to pm the seller either since they also probably have less than the required 15 posts to do so.
4. Why are threads uneditable? In case of a dispute, the seller cannot go back and say something was X when it was Y, because the seller changed it in his favor.
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