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I'm having some problems with updating my profile, for some reason the forum is sending me an error message...bare with me.

Right now, I'm a bit confused on the MPG with the SLK class. As I research this car more and more, I just become more blown away with its features/potential. My hopes was someone whose really familiar with the SLK can give me some clarification here in terms of gass usage. Note: I live in the US, in Florida.

From what I've found, each year has slight variations in the total mpg offered, both on highway and city (the city driving of course giving you much less).

For example, I found this link a link with a '07 SLK AMG '55 with this under the discription: Fuel Economy Range: 25 mpg Hwy, 18 mpg City. The '09 SLK AMG '55 is listed as only getting 22 mpg hwy.

Now I guess I'll just list what's confusing me here. Why such variations from year to year? Engine changes? And aside from insurance, if I can get an SLK AMG v8 thats going to give me 25 miles to the gallon, why would I consider getting a '350 or '280 if they only get (at the most) 1 or 2 miles per gallong better (cost of initial purchase aside)?

Let me just list this also for the heck of it:
09 '300: 26 mpg
09 '350: 26 mpg
09 '55: 25 mpg

These are just rough examples, but it seems the 07's are getting better mpg than the 08's. If this is true, taking all this into consideration, is there a model/year you recommend? I'm just curious also if perhaps some of you ran into a similar situation here.

Bottom line, I'm worried that I'm reading it wrong. Last thing I want to do is to have done my research but find out later there was something I totally forgot about making my initial calculation flawed. Any detail here is appreciated fellas, thank you.

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Hmm - obviously everyone gets different results. The facelifted '350 has a new engine in it, so I can understand changes there. The '55 has not been touched since it came out to the best of my knowledge, so not sure why it varies, or who listed the MY09 at 25?

300 : Manual: 17 mpg/26 mpg Automatic: 19 mpg/26 mpg
350 : 18 mpg/26 mpg
'55 : 14 mpg/22 mpg

280 : Manual: 17 mpg/25 mpg Automatic: 18 mpg/24 mpg
350 : 17 mpg/23 mpg
'55 : 14 mpg/20 mpg

280 : Manual: 20 (city)/27 (highway). Automatic: 20 (city)/27 (highway).
350 : Manual: 18 (city)/26 (highway). Automatic: 19 (city)/25 (highway).
'55 : Automatic: 13 (city)/21 (highway).

Unfortunately I don't have the 05 or 06 numbers handy..

Personally, I've managed to get as high as 27 on the highway (babying it, 55-65 ish), but I average 24 running "normally" (70+ average speeds over 600 mile trip. No tickets. :) )

In town it varies - but 16-18 is pretty realistic. Stomping on it I can get it down to 14ish. I did the same type of driving in a 55 and managed to get down to 12 I think. Was a hell of a lot of fun, not sure my passenger agreed!

I know this is going to sound simplistic, but you need to drive the cars and see what makes you happy. The prices on SLK's are tanking, and you can get into a '55 for a really sweet price these days - and the 350 and 280/300 prices are free-falling as well.

Fuel efficiency really didn't play into my decision at all - I ended up in the 350 (as I've said 100's of time before) because it was right for me - right level of performance at the right ride quality.

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The numbers may be a tad different because EPA calculations were changed recently - IIRC, new calculations come out in model year 2008.

On the 55, I can get to 24.3 mpg (as shown on the MFD display) cruising at around 70 mph for maybe 60 miles. On my prior 280, I can get to 30+ mpg at 65-70 mph for 60 miles.

As with UK-C200 stated, fuel efficiency was not my primary concern :)

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Yes, the EPA tests were changed beginning in the '08 model year, so that cars that were unchanged between '07 and '08 will show a drop in fuel efficiency in '08 only because of the change in EPA testing procedure. But your mileage will depend on where and the way you drive, so it won't matter to you if you buy an '07, an'08, or an '09. The only exception to this is the SLK 350 between '08 and '09. The '09s have more power AND better fuel efficiency!

I am most familiar with the 3.0L SLK 280s (called the 300 for '09 but with no changes). I have one, and several of my friends have these as well. I get about 28 mpg on the highway, but that is at speeds from about 85 to 90 mph. At 70 to 75 mph, this becomes about 33 mpg. In suburban driving, we all get between 21 and 24 mpg, depending upon how much "stop and go" we encounter. As far as ACTUAL mpgs, we are doing better than some so-called "economy cars". And the more fuel efficient 350 is not far behind.
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