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Tuners don't have access to the A45 yet, but they have played with the 2019 Mercedes A-Class. Lorinser had several smaller debuts at the Essen Motor Show, and this was one of them

it's called the Green Series, for whatever reason, and it's based on the A 250 with the AMG Line body kit, which was the most powerful of three versions available at launch. Out of the box, this packs a 2-liter turbo mill making 224 HP for either the front or all four wheels to sample.

It delivers the same kind of performance as a Golf GTI, and we know that can be taken to around 290-300 HP using stage 1 tuning. However, Lorinser stopped way short. Its project car only makes 190 kW or 258 HP, which is the same as the VW Amarok we talked about earlier today. At the same time, torque has gone from 350 to 420 Nm.

The cosmetic changes are small, but they do leave a mark. The aero pack starts at the front with a chin spoiler and some trim going around the side vents. Lorinser couldn't resist replacing the Mercedes emblem with their own, just to confuse people who spot this on the street.

The profile of the new A-Class hatchback has been embellished with decals, and side skirtsDifferent wheels have been installed to each side of the car. Unfortunately, you can't spot this from either the Essen video or the official photos. In any case, 19-inch alloys without air suspension won't win you any awards.

Finally, we arrive of at the tail end, where the diffuser has been modified around quad exhaust tips (the real exhaust is behind them). The A-Class was never as popular with tuners as something like a VW Golf. This new generation leaves the factory as a true compact luxury hatch, so we don't foresee many people going after the boy racer look. But you never know what can happen once two hot hatchbacks with up to 400 HP are available.
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