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Looks like there is an empty House for sale in the Generals Hood.:grin::grin:

Jesus Pons,former high-level manager with Miami-Dade’s General Services Administration, stole millions in taxpayer dollars in a scheme with his wife, Diana. Before their arrest in 2013, the couple, along with Diana’s brother, Bruno Diaz, used some of the cash in classic Miami fashion: They bought a Mercedes.

Their car is now up for auction by the Miami-Dade Police Department. The 2010 red Mercedes 350 GLK is one of five vehicles being auctioned online by the police department. As of Tuesday afternoon, the car, with 28,837 miles, was fetching $14,600. The Kelley Blue Book value on a similar car with similar mileage listed in good condition is $21,026.

Miami-Dade police auctioning forfeited Mercedes and new Palazzo motor home | Miami Herald Miami Herald
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