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Custom pickups have become increasingly common offerings from European tuners. This is the PD550, Prior Design's take on the Mercedes-Benz X-Class. It's not as extreme as the 6-wheeled monster we showed you a few days ago, but it doesn't disappoint either.

Prior is know for its work with AMG models, and while the X-Class doesn't boast an impressive V8 engine, it's certainly been given an AMG-like appearance. Of course, your project truck doesn't have to be as extreme as the one in the photos, but we see the appeal of a safari-ready German pickup.

The PD550 is designed as a widebody aero kit, which means it's a mix of sporty and rugged. The fender flares bolt into all four corners, as well as the front bumper. Their gloss black finish contrasts against the sating green of the wrap applied to the X-Class body. They can be bought independently of the fascia mods as part of the cheaper PD400 kit.

But why would you only go halfway and miss out on the AMG-like goodies? Prior's new look includes mods for the upper grille, as well as enlarged lower intakes, which are fake. A chin spoiler probably won't generate any downforce, but at least it's cool.

The rear apron has been modded with equally pointless but cool inserts, while a discreet spoiler was added to the tailgate. The PD550 was recently revealed at the 2018 Essen Motor Show, and in the tradition of over-modded vehicles also sports a roof rack full of accessories. There are jerry cans, an extra spare, and the obligatory LED bar.

On the hardware side, the truck now sits a little higher on some H&R components that were tailored to the X-Class. New rims with chunky tires remind us of the stuff we recently saw on the SEAT Ateca. Performance mods are also possible, especially for the most powerful V6, which currently resides at 258 horsepower.
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