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German brand says V8 engines will continue to live on........finally some good News out of Germany.:smile:

July 19 2015
Andrew Maclean

MB has promised to keep the V8 alive – forever.

The German car maker has built strong foundations for its AMG performance car division on the popularity of its V8-powered models, led by the C63 AMG – the latest version of which arrives in Australian showrooms this week – and supported by the larger E63 AMG, a family of SUVs and the flagship AMG GT coupe.

While the hot rod division's newly-added and more affordable four cylinder range has become the sub-brand's top-selling models – with the CLA four-door coupe the most popular - they have attracted new customers to the marque and haven't had any negative impact on the demand for V8s..

Which is an encouraging sign, says Mercedes' head of research and development, Thomas Weber, who told Drive this week during the launch of the GLC SUV that V8s are here to stay.

"We are completely convinced we will stay with V8, forever maybe," he said.

However, Weber stressed that encroaching emission regulations – which have already forced the company to ditch its iconic 6.2-litre naturally-aspirated V8 for a family of smaller turbo charged engines – could see further changes to ensure its long-term viability.

That is likely to include AMG adopting some form of electric assistance in the near future, Weber said, but with a performance-oriented bent that would be derived from the company's championship-winning Formula One team.

"The make-up [of our V8s] may be different in the future," added.

"How small can you go? I'm not sure just at the moment, but with the strategy we have now…the next question is electrification in terms of performance.

"That is for sure in the future."

Mercedes-AMG will increase its V8-powered footprint with a number of new models to be revealed over the next 18 months, starting with the new-generation C63 Coupe at the Frankfurt motor show in September. The two-door is expected to take on a more dramatic role than its svelte predecessor to give it a clearly defined character separate to the latest-generation sedan, with which it shares it underpinnings.

A Mercedes insider indicated the C63 Coupe will feature more muscular styling and sharper dynamics, and that its performance is on par with the flagship GT coupe.

The two-door will be joined by a GLC63 mid-sized SUV - in both wagon and the yet-to-be confirmed coupe-style body styles - after it is officially revealed later next year.
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