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The regular C-Class Coupe hasn't even made its debut and already we are looking into the AMG version. Two prototypes have been seen testing at the Nurburgring the other day and they suggest two flavors of the C63 are coming.

Even though there hasn't been a Black Series model since the SLS, we can't exclude the possibility that this prototype belongs to the "skunk works division". Still, it's missing one crucial part: a massive wing.

Comparing the two, we realized that one has extra winglets below the headlights and a slightly more aggressive chin. It also packs a trunk lip spoiler that sticks out quite a bit. However, these could also be traits of the Edition 1 model or optional AMG Aerodynamic Package.

Judging by how hard they are pushing their cars, it seems Mercedes wants to do everything it can to stay ahead of the BMW M4 once the 2-door C63 makes its debut. They already have a killer sedan with a new engine that has built quite the reputation.

By switching from a 6.2-liter to a twin-turbo 4-liter, Mercedes have taken a lot of flack. However, the mill has proven up to the job, not only offering up to 510 PS, but also a lot more torque. If they stick a Black badge over that, we could have E63 levels of power in a small package.

We're pretty much guaranteed to see the new C-Class Coupe and its V8 cousin at the Frankfurt Motor Show. BMW has already shown its hand, but Audi stopped production of the RS5 today and is unlikely to restart it for two more years. Looks like it's a two-horse race.

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