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We are seriously freaking out over this spy video we've received from one of our favorite Nurburgring spotters. Shot on the same day, it shows the Mercedes-AMG GT R and an even more hardcore version with canards and a pipe sticking out of the exhaust.

We're not 100% sure due to the camouflage, but this mystery test prototype could also have a wider front track. Mercedes is playing this one close to the chest, and it's not even on the product plans for 2017. So it must be pretty important.

We don't mean "important" in the sense that it will sell by the million, but it could blitz the Nurburgring faster than many supercars. Currently, there's a 5-second gap between the time set by the SLS AMG Black Series in 2014 and the one of the regular AMG GT.

That's why we think this hardcore GT R could be the black series, a way for Mercedes to show off all its Motorsport experience, not to mention demand vast sums of money from customers.

The front winglets indeed remind us of the the SLS Black Series, but the exhaust system is a mystery. It's almost as if they tried to make a Japanese Bosozoku exhaust and changed their minds halfway.

The only mention of the GT R Black Series comes from an Autocar story published in June, about the same time as the Goodwood Festival of Speed. It doesn't provide us with any details other than the fact that it will cost more and have increased output.

Well, that's hardly a surprise when we consider that the same 4.0-liter twin-turbo AMG engine in this coupe will be used by nearly all future performance models. Sure, the C63 is out in four body styles, but wait until the E63 brings over 600 to the table. Then we'll talk about the advantages of forced induction.

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