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The funny thing about the Porsche 911 is that even though competitors dismiss it all the time, they copy its lineup. For instance, the Jaguar F-Type hierarchy will closely mirror its German competitor, from AWD systems to track toys. Mercedes now appears to be doing the same thing with its new AMG GT.

This fully camouflaged test prototype was filmed recently while undergoing testing at the Nurburgring. It's pretty clear that under the camouflage is a road-going version of the GT3 racing machine.

The aero ground effects kit is downright insane on this car. Not only is there a huge wing on the back, but they even added winglets on the top of the front fenders for extra downforce. Unless we're mistaken, there are no other road cars that take such extreme measures, at least not from major manufacturers.

Of course, Mercedes is unlikely to use the GT3 name since it belongs on a Porsche. But if you look at the number plates, you will see that they have the "S:GO" that almost all Porsches have in press photos or during testing. Usually, Mercedes has "S:MB" or something based on the name of the car. That's almost like a direct challenge if you ask us.

While the Mercedes-AMG GT3 racecar that was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show had an old-fashioned 6.3-liter naturally aspirated V8, this prototype sounds like a derivative of the new 4-liter biturbo mill.

Considering the customer racing car won't be ready until 2016, we think this production version will keep us waiting at least that long.

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