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Mercedes S-Class Tuned by Ares Design Comes in Normal and XXL Sizes - Photo Gallery

We're back with to discuss another tuning project from the tuning company we recently discovered, Ares Design/Performance. Based in Italy and founded by former Lotus boss Dany Bahar, this firm wants to offer a higher level of class and individuality than all the other firms in the business.

After that awesome G63 AMG we showed you a few days ago, we were expecting a lot from the super-saloon. However, the S-Class done by Ares defies expectations because it comes in both normal and XXL formats.

That's right, you can buy a stretched version of everyone's favorite limousine and have it shipped over to your house in the Bahamas looking like this.

Both short and LWB versions come with the same body kit. It starts at the front with an imposing chromed grille that seems to remind everyone around the office of the old Maybach 57.

The styling kit also includes front and rear bumpers, side skirts, as well as 21-inch forged wheels.

However, the interior is the most distinctive part of the project. It boasts a boasting custom made sports steering wheel, Nappa leather upholstery with reshaped seats, the beast lacquered wood and a multimedia system.

In the case of the long model, you get nocturnal blue ambient lighting on the ceiling. We know a few basketball players and rappers who would love that! It also comes with individual climate control, cooling boxes, 17-inch flatscreen televisions, and electric curtains. A privacy partition will ensure you get your home away from home.

We've seen plenty of S-Class interiors with our own eyes, but we'd like to note how interesting the carbon fiber backs for the seats are and how the whole interior has a uniform design.

While Ares values extreme luxury and exclusivity, they also completed the S-Class with an engine performance upgrade resulting in an output of 520-850 HP, depending on the base vehicle. If you happen to own the V12 model, things can really get out of hand!
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