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Automotive News Europe
August 6, 2015 11:29 CET
MUNICH -- Mercedes-Benz sales increased 15.7 in July to a record 159,040 cars, boosted by double-digit gains in Europe and China.

Mercedes brand's volume rose by 15.2 percent to 149,753 units while Smart sales were up 24 percent to 9,287, parent Daimler said in a statement today.

Mercedes's deliveries increased 42 percent to 29,540 in China. European sales were up nearly 12 percent to 64,940. U.S. volume rose 1.2 percent to 27,526.

Daimler said sales of its compact lineup continue to be strong with the CLA setting a new sales record through June. The C class is also selling well with volume in China tripling last month compared with a year earlier.

Seven-month car sales for Mercedes and Smart jumped 15.7 percent to 1.12 million vehicles with Mercedes brand volume up 14.7 percent to a record 1.048 million and Smart sales up 32 percent to 71,451.

Both the July and seven-month numbers were record highs.

“We passed the one-million mark already in July. Never before have we delivered so many cars to customers in the first seven months," Mercedes sales and marketing boss Ola Kaellenius said in the statement.

Reuters contributed to this report
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