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Just thought I should pass on a recommendation for an independent MB repair shop in Glasgow called Deutschtek. Address is Ashley Lane just off Woodlands Rd on the edge of the city centre heading west. They have a website

Two partners (Craig and Colin) run the business. Both are ex MB main dealer mechanics and the workshop has all the diagnostic kit. They also have an ex BMW technician. In fact they advertise as "German Car Technicians" and do Audi/VW too.

I put my SLK350 in for a replacement window regulator. Main dealer told me last week it was needed but I baulked at paying £380 plus VAT for something I wasn't aware of a problem with (window seemed to me to go up and down just fine).

Anyway Craig greeted me enthusiastically and promised to check it over thoroughly. When I phoned later that day he told me he had stripped down the door but could see nothing wrong with the regulator after regular repeated operation through the day. He lubed some parts in the window mech, topped up my oil and ran the car throught the diagnostics and gave it a clean bill of health. And the charge ? Big fat zero. Nowt. :Beer:

I accept he's touting for new business but in my view that is splendid service and he deserves my servicing and other business. I'll also be recommending him to colleagues and family who run various german makes.

Lastly, tempted though I am, I make no comment on the main dealer.....:mad:

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