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Mercedes E55 Pulling Trailer vs Nissan 350z, we are not sure of each cars mods but we know even in stock form the Mercedes E55 comes with 516 ft/lb of torque so it should be plenty to get the job done. Not bad for a car that first came out in 2003.

Here is a few posts that the owner of the Mercedes E55 posted at the forum the video was found:

"I don't race much, but this guy in a full bolton 350z was talking **** saying he could beat me. We all know thats a joke. lol

So instead of just walking him I loaded my trailer with my mower and showed up at the meet.

This is what happened lol."

"He said he walked a new c63 and said he could take me. I didn't hear a lot of it since I don't go to meets, but I was told by a few people so I had them set it up. The idiot gets out of his car wearing gloves, sandals and socks lol He comes up to me and says whats up with the mower. I told him "I wanted it to be a good race so its not a waste of gas." Needless to say he was a little insulted, but he still raced me lol

First race he took off on the 2nd honk and then missed 3rd gear and I actually pulled on him a lot more up to that point. The second race which is what is posted was a hot lap and I live in florida where it was 93 degrees today. Doesn't matter though, win by an inch or a mile. Winnings, winning lol"
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