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Here’s another prime example of someone being willing to break the law in traffic in order to shave who knows how little time off their commute.

The driver of the grey Mercedes A-Class hatch cut across to the opposite side of the road and tried to jump a small queue of cars at an intersection in London. Unfortunately for him, a man on a bicycle was apparently waiting for something like this to happen.

According to ‘CyclingMikey’, the justice-serving bicyclist in question, the Mercedes driver ended up being ticketed by the police for his driving as well as disturbing the public order, which is a statutory offense in the UK.

The cyclist was uninjured, thankfully, while the car suffered a dent in the hood, which as far as we can tell, was the driver’s fault as he insisted on pushing the man out of the way – what a ridiculous thing to do in this day and age when everybody is recording everything.

Due to language video is here
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