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No AMG just yet, but a rather appealing coupe in prospect nonetheless

Short of the entirely bonkers Black Series, the previous Mercedes C-Class Coupe lacked a bit of visual drama. It wasn't ugly by any stretch but it didn't particularly excite as coupes probably should. On small wheels too the expanse of metal above the wheelarch was all the more noticeable.
Mini S-Class coupe? Great idea!Mini S-Class coupe? Great idea!Fortunately it would appear those issues have been addressed with the upcoming model. These are the clearest images yet of the next C-Class Coupe and they reveal a much more attractive car. As with the C-Class saloon, the style clearly emulates the larger S-Class; fine for the four-door but far more successful as a coupe. Furthermore, it will surely impress C-Class Coupe owners much more that their car looks like an S-Class than those in the opposing position!
Expect the same range of engines as found in the saloon, from C200 to C350e with the usual roster of diesels too. Given how broad the Audi A5 and BMW 4 Series ranges are we can assume Mercedes will have a rival for each variant. This will surely extend to an AMG 63 version and hopefully the C450 AMG Sport also - the first verdicts on that suggest a coupe would be a worthwhile addition. It would line up conveniently against the S5 and 435i also...

The C-Class Coupe isn't expected until 2016 and there hasn't yet been a Mercedes concept that very, very closely previews the real thing. Perhaps that will be at Frankfurt. More details as they arrive!

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