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Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin is upon us. And in keeping with the flourish and expense of the event, it would be natural to expect beautiful ads showcasing beautiful people in beautifully abstract ways.
Instead, the luxury auto brand's new spot is refreshingly clever ... and features a puppet.
Created by Karla Otto London, the ad stars Michel Gaubert, sound director for most high-profile fashion shows, along with his mini-me puppet/personal assistant, Petit Michel (operated by Victor Yerrid, a Jim Henson puppeteer). It's an endearing and entertaining three-minute story of friendship and shiny cars.
Following Mercedes' similarly surprising short film for Berlin Fashion Week last year, the whole thing is an unexpected delight. From the synchronized dance moves to the self-deprecating jokes to the witty banter ("He remixed all the remixes of my remixes"), it's got us jonesing for our own Adweek assistant puppets, complete with miniature Ray-Bans and jaunty neck scarves.
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