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Hello all, following on from my introduction in the new members section, last week I had my AMG driving experience. It's been over 13 years since I last drove RWD, so I thought this would be the best way to reacquaint myself.
For those that don't know about Brooklands (I didn't know too much a couple of weeks ago), it was the main British motor racing circuit before WW2. It had an airfield in the middle and was home to Vickers Aircraft and their famous chief designer, Barnes Wallace. Motor racing finished at Brooklands with WW2 and aircraft production continued up until the 1980's.
MB World occupies around 75% of the length of where the runway was and a good proportion of the ground . It combines different driving circuits, from off road to road based confidence and low grip surfaces. There is a new large building housing exhibits, in my mind all too few old and concept cars and what seems to be every variant of the current model range: the current range is repeated in the on-site dealership! Importantly it is home to the Mercedes and AMG Driving Experiences.
The driving tuition I received was first class, I now have sufficient confidence to safely negotiate British Autumn roads. Knowing I had an SLK 350, they put me in the closest match they had, an SL 63; to all the AMG drivers out there, your cars are awesome! I do believe I am better suited to the somewhat more sedate 350.
I've included some photo's below, the first is of the circuits from the MB building and then a couple of a 190SL that I fell in love with. Did Elvis have one of these when he was in Germany or was it a 300SL?

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