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The facelift of the A45 AMG made the car's fuel consumption to rise just over the limit imposed by Australia's Luxury Tax. Once there, the price of the car increased by well over 10,000 Australian dollars.

The Luxury Car Tax imposed in Australia amounts to 33% of a vehicle’s price and comes into effect if said vehicle costs more than AUD75,535 or has an average fuel consumption of over 7.0 liters/100 kilometers. Before its facelift, the Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG has a fuel economy rating of 6.9 liters/100 kilometers, but the power increase brought with it a rating of 7.3 liters/100 kilometers.

This 0.4-liter difference from the previous version made the facelifted A45 AMG become an object of the Luxury Car Tax, a decision that increased its price from AUD63,184 to AUD77,900.

The local Mercedes-Benz officials are naturally upset because of this change and are hoping that this tax will go away. We must note that the Mercedes-Benz Australia officials had nothing critical to say in public about this tax until now, which they have described as “ludicrous car tax.”

“I do not know which rare marsupial and rock they used to calculate the 7.0 liter/100 km threshold. It has not moved. I think that is interesting. Perhaps it is because they realize this is influencing buying behavior, but they are also getting tax on it,” David McCarthy of Mercedes-Benz Australia stated in an interview with CarAdvice.

However, the senior manager of public relations for Mercedes-Benz Australia believes that the Luxury Car Tax will eventually be dropped.

Mr. McCarthy thinks the tax will disappear once the Australian Government wants a free trade agreement with the European Union. After all, most premium carmakers come from the EU, and many models are under the incidence of this tax. In the case of exotic cars, the tax reaches a high value, but there’s no doubt that the LCT does limit premium car sales in Australia.

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AUSTRALIA wants Mercedes Benz to drop its customer luxury tax.

Since I was very young I have read both Australian and English car magazines, and prices here are always significantly higher than in EU for Mercedes and other high end brands. Where as many others like Opels, Peugeots etc are similar or sometimes cheaper than in EU.

Since M-B have released EU pricing I note the scale of the difference.

Firstly, Luxury car tax applies to the price (including the 10% GST) over $60,316 AUD. (If consumption is less than 7L/100km then the threshold is $75,373). I believe Import duties are gone now. They were only 5% in recent times.

Once over $60,316, each extra dollar has 10% added then multiply by 33% the amount over the threshold. So an extra $10k becomes and extra $14,600.

So base SLKs here have been around $85k AUD. SLK55 are around $177k, obviously a well optioned one is rather different. note the 2:1 price ratio. These prices are ballpark figures from which lists many "new" cars from dealers.
The SLC180 to SLC43 price ratio in UK is about 1 : 1.5 I wonder whether we will see that in the new pricing structure?

UK prices SLC43 apparently drop from 55,350 GBP (SLK55) to 46,355, a drop of 16.25%
Applying that price drop to Aussie prices would give around $148k AUD for the new SLC43.

Assuming the UK price has VAT included, adjusting for exchange rate and taxes,
the Aussie price would be around $95K AUD. If the UK price does not have VAT in it then the Aussie price would be around $119k AUD
(in this I have allowed $1k shipping, GST, lux tax, stamp duty, rego, dealer delivery of $4k)

EU pricing
SLC180 at 34,926 euro (down 12%) equates $53k AUD if that EU price includes VAT and only $60k AUD if it doesn't, compared to a usual starting price here of $85k AUD.

SLC43 at 59,890 euro becomes either $93kAUD or $115k AUD. Similar to the estimate using GBP.

These EU prices include all the Engineering and Development, tooling, Corporate profit margin, dealer margin? etc etc. It would be great to buy a SLC180 here for around $60k AUD. but I can't see it happening.

If anyone can explain the gap I'd appreciate it.

All the premium and super car brands here have prices that seem to bear no relation to the EU prices.
A Ferrari in UK for 110,000 pounds ($325k AUD with taxes) will be sold here for more like $480k AUD.
A Ferrari 428 spider is advertised here at $647kAUD all costs included, that is just under 300,000 euro without taxes. What is the EU price? I bet it's not 300k euro.

SLC 55 ? will there be one later?
If M-B has been selling a fairly good number of SLK55s for around 60k GBP for years and so there are customers at this price point, does it not seem possible that in a couple of years they may decide to add another range topping model into that price zone? After all, M-B seem quite happy to always add one more model on top, whether it is the SL65,A45, another "Black" series, the SLS, SLR etc.
Recall the R170 ran for almost 4 years with just the 200K and 230K models before the 320 and SLK32 were added, when the initial sales peak abated.
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