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Let's start with this project topic from that vehicle. Topic has already been meaning to put up a long time ago, but it is not a man have not received a time when the car is so wildly away at the hours spent.
Autonhan I bought in July 2015, and it immediately began by constructing and dismantling. The car has been so far the project to be kept running all the time, and remains on.

Then the car in more detail: that is, the SLK's oldest basket model (R170), model year 1997 meter time of purchase 150tkm, currently 154,4tkm. Automatic gearbox of course. Leather upholstery in black. Vibrating currently works pretty dark blue, light of a certain black (this will change when the car is painted). Rust I have not found elsewhere in the car than the car support for the strips from the bottom of the car, but they also repainted again. By car had not been driven ever before me in the winter and the first owner of the Finland (Pre-me) had driven the car as a 5-year ownership time, only a little over 5tkm, summer car key, therefore, was not. I this is a year-round operation, that is, I installed this Defa block resistance, and I bought the original rims spike tires (Hakka 7) The car is therefore intended to build it inside and out. In the engine compartment will not be much change, only some parts are painted and then wash the engine compartment as well as it can be without engine removal. Access the side of the previous owner had put the nose wheel package, ie Kompura goes faster, the bigger the nose wheel thanks to the K & N air filter, chip, and then the pipe is completely fool Kustom. The sounds are not just plain SLK's sounds, you might think that the bigger the machine gyroscope in the engine compartment (this video can I put on that later). Seats will be built almost entirely new (start to be 100% ready for the moment)

Accessory list: (Color Code put tears to my eyes in a positive sense, but if the color googlaa, yes will be all right, what color is your car, bring your green but there was bluffing in between :grin:)

Baumuster 170 447
Sales name SLK 230 KOMPRESSOR
Order number 0 6 205 10 432 (Destination: Branch Luebeck)
Delivery date August 6, 1997
Interior color 221A BLACK LEATHER
Engine 111 973 12 016 553
Gearbox 722 605 00 509 148
292 Sidebags
808 AEJ 06/1 / M / X
808 * 1 111.9__ 19,951,204 AEJ 06/1 / M / X
808 * 2 170____ 19,961,214 AEJ 1.7
808 * 3 722.6__ 19,960,119 YOM 17/1

List of interior and the exterior mods:
- All parts of the leather steering wheel and a few benches and a door panel except for the part covered with black Alcantara.
- Inside door made of custom speaker locations fiberglass elements and at the same time directed towards the passengers.
- A pillars made fiberglass custom places tweeters and also those directed towards the passengers.
- A console made for 2-DIN player.
- All the original carbon coatings tagged articles in today's carbon tape that looks much better what the 1997 carbon :grin:
- All knobs and buttons are enclosed in chrome fitting, also a fan grilles.
- Headlights changed to smoked ones, inside the black lights which rejuvenated the car pretty hard.
- CL-look front grille
- Roster plate substrates
- Black Smoke LED tail lights and third brake light changed to red in place of the standard.
- Hand brake lever replaced the chrome, men sized handle.
- Gear shift knob changed to fit the theme of carbon
- Facelift steering exchanged non-facelift was replaced.
- Sound is responsible for the doors and A-pillars Cerwin-Vega's ST65C series and those powerede by Cerwin V600.4 amplifier!. behind the rear Down i modded Cerwin V82D 8 "subwoofers, these strength to V1000.1D amplifier speaker wires thick, of course, RCA's thumb thickness and power cables as well your player is running from Alpine ILX-700 Apple CarPlay player, so that it works with the iPhone's best to give from your navigation device with all the features. The car has a fair use of 9m2 STP's Black Gold silencer that hole.
- All cable ties chopped short.
- The previous owner had changed Facelift mirror covers to replace standard mirrors ( i replace them to the Arrow-view mirrors, new mirrors are already waiting in the box, but i put the into the car after hte car is painted)
- Exclusiv-line body kit
- Eye shadows
- 18 "ATP wheels, completely polished, those will be polished with vibratory polish technology, tires will be 245/40
- B12 Bilstein shocks and Eibach Pro-Kit springs + 1-rubbers every corner ( i may need to switch back to the front of the 2-rubbers, namely time low)
- All fenders will be rolled
- LED plate lights
- Chromium decorative plate lights list
- Chrome Rollbar, R171-style "triangle" shape
- AMG door sills with LED lights

Was there any? Not necessarily, have to tell from my upcoming posts as long as more comes to mind.
The color is not yet on behalf of the color information, but in a dark still maintained, and will also some airbrush artwork. By car it is intended, therefore, to participate in the upcoming season as many events (not allowed to tell the events organized in locations where this could bring)
I will update topic asap as the patience to go here. Comments, suggestions, barking, and others are welcome.

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Heres the pictures.

Teaser picture acquaintances via Facebook Be the first morning after a Mercedes was in the yard before going to work:

Front before changing lights / mask (the most accurate note that went on in the few moments when put in place, put a mask on a different day than the light, because the mosquitoes more buffer)

Front after the change of lights (fog lights leaves on a hill at the same time I put a new front bumper, which I talked about starting message)

Front after the exchange and the exchange of the mask lights, little by little ...


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Attenuation ... This is also Rollbar already put in place. Previous post, i failed to attach pics, hopefully now...

The floor mat back in place, this also reflects the prior owners traces between the door, the seat belt apparently missed a hurry ...

The subwoofer cable routing ... Notice my brilliant-colored shirt :grin:

Trunk damping starting...

Doors damping is unfortunately not the image.

The most accurate note in this picture subwoofers places, the SLK has an extremely awkward in my opinion, to make subwoofers places. Original Bose ones when it comes to some wonderful corner over there inside the hole. Therefore, had to be patented at that MDF decent bolted shut, then the heavy-duty damping and subsidies which place no leak.

Either these are sufficient? Well, not in hell. here are

Greetings from Germany, the fresh air filter and fan when he brought all the way off, was revealed like this

SLK at least is the wrong type of gear selector wear rubber mounting end, also in this individual had the same problem. The problem therefore occurs miss resonance acceleration, 2-3k turns of the middle ground.

Not much about it was outstanding

Doors ready, side pocket removed, Alcantara site. There is a lot of dust...

Glovebox plated, and chrome frames in place. Is there some other great glove hand opening a place?

Disassembly image, when the interior was torn down all the "shells" out and began to be covered with Alcantara steering Facelift here already in place, as well as behind the wheel of the blue strip is covered with Alcantara.

Here it promised men sized handbrake

Springs and shocks just arrived

New vs old

The body kit just arrived, is it in the past as 2,5kk that it came from the Brits

2-DIN player in the console plastic modified, this seems harsh, but the end result will please at least myself. I'll post a picture of the outcome later.

The gear shifter area ready for immediate surroundings, do not worry, no these screws visible, but they come under that player's frame into hiding. Taper angle pieces changed after a few degrees of the picture, I mean not fit the player at the bottom of the frame in place when those were some standing. The new gear shifter displayed here.

Wheels, just washed with Dragons Breath

Washed, November 2nd day seems to be here as I recall. The pipe end is not polished, because some dim. Polished, however. The rear lights also appear in this well and chrome trim, which I put rekkarinvalojen list. Angle of view is so afterwards seen very silly, forms the stern look strange.


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Shortly updates. Fenders rolled , right fender, then split apart in a few places a little. Thus, at the same time became a bit of the history of the car while the attention. Have to fix that before painting, for example, while the front bumper mediates in place. Fenders widened slightly.

The left fender, roller in place. at the same time I washed the wheel arch. The figure has not yet been washed.

I forgot to take pictures before and after. of the same fender :grin: This right side of the Front bar before rolling.

Here the left side fender, rolled already, the front of the arc did not get rolled , because forms of the body. The figure does not properly get idea of how the fender is widening, from another angle would be seen better ...

Rear Bumper loosens even today, washer body from under it, and I put the wax on top to protect. During the weekend, the field of new rear bumper little by little in place.


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Little update again. I straightly come here from the garage. Antenna place removed, and fiberglassed, also eye shadows done.


antenna place (i added more fiberglass after taking pic)

both of headlights fiberglassed

closer look

Here is almost finished eye shadows, sanded couple of hours, i also fiberglassed the from the other side, so the last longer:


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Litte update.

I welded the exhaust tip out of the rear bumper (i post picture of it later) now it looks much better!

Also changed front lower arms (bushings was end of the life). Ordered new head cover ( old one has little hole on it, from previois owner) and also ordered new front engine cover (again previous older cracked clips from it). I ordered also some gasket for the front engine, because it has very tiny leaking.

Hopefully i get the rims back soon from the ceramicpolish company. There is not much snow left on the roads, so putting the summer rims for the SLK is not far anymore. I post pictures of the rims, when they arrive back for me.

Painting the car schedule is likely between May and June. There isn't anymore big things to do the car expect the painting. I hope this project is finished at the least for the summer, so i can enjoy my tuned ride!

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janil, en pysty lähettämään privaa, laitan osat tähän.

Löytyy vakio maski, ei kromista mersulogoa kiinni, käytin sen tuohon uuteen maskiin.

Vakio roll barit

Vakio takavalot + lisäjarruvalon kupu

Savunväriset takavalot, vasemmalta puolelta alareunasta lähteny 6cmx1cm palanen irti (korkeus 1cm, eli ihan ohut suikale) palaset tallessa ja saa liimattua. Itsellä vain olisi jäänyt häiritsemään, koska tästä on tulossa näyttelypeli.

Vakio jouset, kaikissa ero 6%, päissä hieman ruostetta, muuten hyvässä kuosissa.

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I think you should be able to send PM now, since you have 15 posts. Please include your email address incase reply is blocked for me. Lets not bother others more with encrypted messages.

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Eikös tuossa korisarjassa ollut myös etuspoileri? Tarkalleen ottaen minulla olisi hakusessa alkuperäisessä puskurissa sumuvalojen välissä oleva irtolista. Pistä viestiä, jos myyt sen erikseen.

I think you should be able to send PM now, since you have 15 posts. Please include your email address incase reply is blocked for me. Lets not bother others more with encrypted messages.
Janil, you are right that you will not be able to respond to PMs, until you have 15 posts (plus a little time for the system to recognise the fact).
To get those 15 posts quickly, just go to the ‘New members introduce yourself here’ section and welcome enough new members to obtain your needed posts to PM.

Also, please update your profile with your location and vehicle (year?: 1996-2016, model?: 32, 200, 230, 250, 280, 300, 320, 350, 55), if you haven’t already done so, as it helps the members answer your questions which usually are based on that information.
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Finally, your 1st thread should be your introduction so we can welcome you properly so post an introduction in the ‘New members introduce yourself here’ section, if you haven’t already. New Members Introduce Yourself Here - Mercedes Benz SLK Forum

Thanks, Dave :D
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Small update. I replaced the front engine O-rings, also replaced supercharger oil and seals. There is no longer wet spots on the front engine. Ugh what the hell smells old oil in the supercharger. Also cleaned all intercooler pipes and intercooler, there was little bit oil, but not much. When i replaced the front engine seals, I noticed that one screw was missing altogether! The previous owner had opened the front engine i think, because there is a lot of Loctite sealer, now it looks like what it should be: clean clean and clean, and no more wet spots!

Wheels should arrive in few days i hope, describes them as I get them I go to order spacers to them to give the rings closer to the fender.

Car painting schedule has not yet accurate information, but yes, in this summer, car will be finished.

I will post pics, when i have something to show you guys. I think the wheels are the next thing which i have to show... Stay tuned!
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