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Mercedes issued a statement in which the Stuttgart-based company strongly rejected the recent accusations of manipulation regarding its C220 CDI models.

After the September disclosures regarding the cheating scheme planned by Volkswagen to bypass emissions tests, increasingly more reports have emerged pointing out that there are numerous automakers which illegally influenced their vehicles’ emission values. Various institutes and organisations have repeatedly claimed that there are still many diesel cars on roads polluting more than laboratory tests are showing. One of the carmakers targeted by such reports is Mercedes-Benz and the company is not happy at all with this type of allegations. The German luxury brand has recently issued a statement saying once again it absolutely rejects the inherent accusation of manipulation. “Mercedes-Benz vehicles fully comply with the national regulations in force at the time of vehicle registration,” Daimler said. Recent allegations refer to measurements performed by the Dutch Organisation for Applied Science Research (TNO) on a Mercedes-Benz C220 CDI, a study used by media to report that the model is polluting over the legal limits.

“Owing to various misinterpretations of the TNO report by parties, we would again point out that it is common that deviations occur in real driving conditions compared with the certified norm values,” the company said. “That is no reference to manipulation; they result primarily from conditions different to the legally-prescribed laboratory conditions, for example when ambient temperatures differ, the vehicle is operated under different loads or additional equipment such as air-conditioning or seat heaters is switched on.”

Recent reports also said that Mercedes was inquired in the emissions probe in France and was forced to give explanations in front of the Royal panel. France’s Energy minister Segolene Royal, after whom the panel takes its name, told to media that other carmakers beside Renault may also have topped emissions limits.
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