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FYI do not use decaf. Colombian double Roast works best.:grin::grin:

This happened earlier this week, at a service station in Frankston, a suburb of Melbourne, in Virginia, Australia. Jason, the man in question, had just been inside the store to get a fresh supply of coffee and cigarettes and was walking to his car, identified solely as a Mercedes-Benz.

When he reached his car, a man with a hoodie and what looked like a gun (but is reported to have been a replica) approached him, demanding that he hand over the keys to the car. says Jason refused – and proceeded to fight off the carjacker with the jar of instant coffee he had in his hand. As a side note, his choice makes sense, since you can’t do much harm with a pack of cigarettes, unless you force whoever is threatening you to smoke them.

“I sort of stepped back and said, ‘No, you're not getting my keys’,” Jason tells the media outlet. He then threw the jar of instant coffee at his attacker, who retaliated by hitting him with the gun in the head.

Jason fell down but the carjacker had had enough resistance. He grabbed the cigarettes and ran to a waiting car, described by Victoria police as a brown VT Commodore with no registration plates. Police urge whoever has information on the suspect to contact Crime Stoppers immediately.

Jason only suffered a cut to his forehead and got to keep his car. He has no regrets about resisting the carjacker, though he admits it was a risky move on his part. “I think most people probably should hand the keys over, but I'm sort of not one of those people,” he says.

the whole story here
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