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Status is totally overrated IMHO.:surprise::grin:

Of course, the status of the factory G55 doesn't mean the aftermarket side of the industry will leave the supercharged once-a-military-vehicle alone.

In fact, we are now here to talk about one of the most extreme G-Class builds we've seen to date.

Before we move any further, I have to put on my Captain Obvious hat and mention this is a series of renderings. However, the pixel play, which looks like it comes from digital artist Yasid Oozeear, has serious chances of making it into the real world.

You see, the social media post showcasing the monster comes from Danton Arts Kustoms, a French shop that loves to play with icons such as the Mercedes-AMG G55. For instance, Alexandre Danton, the man behind the label, has come up with hot rod projects based on all sorts of famous machines, such as this Lamborghini Miura.

The contraption portrayed here struggles to fit the description of the factory car. For one thing, the generous ground clearance of the original has been left behind. That's because the machine now looks a bit like an F1 car.

And it looks like the supercharged V8 of the G55 is gone (all we can see for now are the individual throttle bodies of a V8). Guess well have to wait and see what the said French specialist does next.

P.S.: Make sure to use the swipe feature of the Instagram post below to enjoy the complete eye candy.
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