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For my service C I went to

Claes & Zonen Sint-Truiden NV
lZ Schurhovenveld 3808
3800 Sint-Truiden

Tel: (0032) 11/69.76.59
Fax: 011/69.76.83

I’m very satisfied and highly recommend this dealer/service shop. I had to drive some extra Km to get to this dealer but it was well worth it.

I sent them an e-mail beforehand to ask what the service was going to include and what it would cost. The answer came very quickly. The price in the reply was exactly right for the service I had to get. When I asked for an appointment, I was able to go within a week. So you can see their customer-care service is very good.

The service went smoothly. Everything went as it should. Everybody is very friendly and helpful. And the price I eventually had to pay was even lower than what they had said in the e-mail so that was a nice surprise.

I posted the address and contact info above.
So if you live in Belgium or are on vacation here and you are looking for a shop to fix your car or get a car service, you now know were to find them.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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