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Too many pieces for me :frown:

Lego and Daimler are known for collaborating in the past on an Unimog created from Lego pieces, but their latest joint-venture product is the most complicated toy truck you'll ever see.

It goes by the name of Lego Technic Mercedes-Benz Arocs 3245, and it packs all the mechanical know-how embedded in the real-life Mercedes-Benz Arocs, including the frame and suspension system, steering, drives and lifts.

The Lego-built Arocs truck has 2,793 elements, Power Functions, and several of the new Lego pneumatic actuators, making it one of the most sophisticated products created by Lego Technic. When fully assembled, it measure 12 inches (31 cm) in height, 5 inches (14 cm) in width and 21 inches (54 cm) in length.

“The key priority we discussed with the LEGO designers was getting the design, scale and advanced functions as similar as possible to the original Arocs 3245, including adding as many iconic details in from the real Arocs to the LEGO model as possible – handrail, step-up, wheel chock, etc," explained Andreas Gruber, Mercedes-Benz Trucks.

Similarities with the real-deal Arocs go on, as the Lego variant has the new four axle suspension, a new outrigger element, a new turntable element, pumps, and, of course, our advanced new Pneumatics 2.0 system. We're telling you, as Lego fans and petrolheads, it's very hard to resist the temptation of building an Arocs truck using Lego Technic pieces.

However, there's no price tag mentioned in Mercedes-Benz's official press release, although it mentions the Lego Technic Mercedes-Benz Arocs 3245 will be available at toy retailers from August 1st.
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