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Okay this Head Line is just weird why would you build a Hybrid in a perfectly fine sports car are them German rich to riches worried about there MPG?

According to the latest rumor spinning around the German media, the high performance Mercedes-AMG subbrand is looking closely at the resurrection of the SLR supercar for a tentative launch in 2018.

The tip come from Auto Bild, which puts Daimler’s performance unit en route to decide if the powertrain layout of the SLR successor should keep the former’s front configuration or make the switch to the iconic mid-engine layout. And Mercedes-AMG has also decided that a successor to the SLR should be declined in more than one version – first the coupe seen the light of day somewhere in 2018 and then the roadster, followed by the range-topping Black Series model. The report then debates the cases. Be it front-engined, the SLR should then sport a turbocharged V6 paired to an electric motor for a combined power distribution of 650 PS (478 kW). It would also employ Pagani Huayra-style active aerodynamic body parts and a “new door concept.” If this idea receives the go ahead, around 3,000 units per year would be made – each costing in excess of 250,000 euros.

The other scenario explored is to have a mid-engined SLR that deploys lots of carbon fiber and has the heart of a turbo V8 – this time mated to a pair of electric motors for a grand total of 1,050 PS (772 kW). This final option would naturally pit the new SLR with the triumvirate of hypercars: the LaFerrari, McLaren P1 and Porsche 918 Spyder. Naturally this time production would be even shorter – no more than 750 units, with pricing jumping to at least one million euros a pop.
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