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Now that the Mercedes-AMG GT has made its way onto driveways across the country, it’s time for the carmaker to tempt us with a multitude of special editions. It seems we’ll be getting our V8 candy soon, or at least this is what the carmaker’s latest teaser has us believing.

We’ve been talking about the street version of the Mercedes-AMG GT3 racecar for months now and we’ll probably switch to press release-based chat soon.

Back in March, we told you Mercedes dealers were already accepting pre-orders for the extra-poised version of the sportscar, so we’re not exactly surprised to see it approaching its introduction.

The car itself

Despite the early information, we still can’t dip into the fine details of the GT3 street car. For one thing, its name remains a mystery. What we do know is that Mercedes won’t use the GT3 moniker, since that is associated with Porsche. And since GT R reminds everybody of Nissan’s flagship, this version doesn’t seem likely either.

Regardless, while many expected this release to be the Black Series, that model will arrive later on in the vehicle’s life. Instead of the Black Series treatment, which takes things to the extreme, the model we’ll see soon will bet on the track-savvy balance card.

While the GT3 racer makes use of an SLS GT3-borrowed atmoshperic 6.2-liter V8, the street car will return to the “standard” models’ twin-turbo V8. Nevertheless, the V8 will receive a moderate power boost. Mercedes has made it clear the engine has plenty of potential to tap into and another example of such an implementation is the future E63 AMG.

The rest of the performance increase will be achieved through a weight loss coming thanks to a carbon fiber diet.

You can feast your eyes on the circuit action while we go though the final mile of waiting together.

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