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Mercedes AMG GT Speedster Rendering Is Reminiscent of SLR Stirling Moss - autoevolution

The Mercedes AMG GT has a lot of things going for it, but not exclusivity. Due to its desirability, this 4-liter super sportscar is everywhere. Yet perhaps Mercedes could solve that problem with another coach built car.

echnically, the AMG GT is a car without predecessors. However, everybody knows about the SLR and SLS that came before it. And the special editions of those cars were pretty... special.

Track day enthusiasts will always remember the SLS Black Series more fondly, with its golden paint. But the SLR Stirling Moss was much more desirable, and even Kanye West drove one once.

This next rendering is by Rain Prisk Design, who made the AMG GT into a Speedster. Not only did he chop the roof to an uncomfortably low level but he also added some racing bits to make it even cooler.

Without the connection with the legendary racing driver, nobody will buy one. But maybe we can call it the Michael Schumacher Special Edition, named after the most famous F1 driver of our generation.

Now there's an idea! Weird convertible cars have been making a comeback. There's the Porsche Boxster Spyder with a tent and the funky new Mazda MX-5 RF. Speaking of the Miata, the 2016 model had a cool speedster concept last year during the SEMA Show.

The company says it can never build it, but we're pretty sure Mercedes can pull off whatever Mazda can't. So how many AMG Speedsters should they make and how much to charge for one? We think it's got to be in the low tens to preserve the exclusivity, and a 50% premium over the standard model is okay.

After all, Zagato can charge nearly half a million of her majesty's pounds for one of their creations. However, there's a significant difference between what we see here and the V12 Vantage by Zagato - the unique body panels and interior. We can't forget about that, so maybe the rendering should take on an altogether different persona.
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