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Keith Griffin
July 6, 2015

How much would you pay to shave tenths of a second off your drag racing car? That’s a question worth pondering after seeing a Mercedes-AMG GT S become the first to break the 11-second mark in the quarter-mile.

It all happened at the Palm Beach International Raceway recently. The Mercedes-AMG GT S hit 128 mph in the speed trap and a 10.94 quarter-mile thanks to enhancements by RENNTech and ADV.1. One of the upgrades was a new ECU costing $3,485.

However, reports we’ve seen suggest the AMG GT S does the quarter mile in 11.5 seconds. Is that enough of a shave in quarter-mile times for the extra investment. Unlike, say, the Dodge Challenger Hellcat, this Mercedes isn’t really designed for drag racing.

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