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Back in June, when Mercedes-AMG unleashed the Green Hell beast (friends call it the GT R), the German automaker left one key detail out, namely the supercar's Nurburgring lap time.

However, AMG head honcho Tobias Moers did give us a clue on the matter. The exec explained the GT R would leave the 911 GT3 RS PDK trailing in its wake.
Numbers, let's talk numbers

Affalterbach's helm man also said the supercar delivered low 7-minute laps. Then again, with the Zuffenhausen track special being able to lap the Nordschleife in 7:20, we expected that.

Moers also let it slip that the automaker would announce the Ring time of the Mercedes-AMG GT R once engineers finished polishing the final details.

And nothing spells we're-trying-to-set-a-lap-time better than the action we have in the piece of footage at the bottom of the page. As it turns out, at least two GT Rs have been lapping the infamous German track at a hellish pace this week.

While one of them was still wearing its pre-release psychedelic wrap, the focus is on the behavior of the driver(s), who pushed the 577 hp two-seater to its limit. From biting into the vibrators hard to a slight oversteer episode, the pace displayed here is nothing short of extreme.

Then again, Zuffenhausen isn't exactly resting on its Rennsport laurels. For one thing, the 991.2 facelift means the 911 Turbo S can now lap the Ring in 7:18. And that's not all.

As those of you following our Green Hell stories know, Porsche has been doing some Nurburgring work of its own this week, with the automaker testing the upcoming 2018 911 GT2. With an expected output of anywhere between 600 and 650 horses, the rear-wheel-drive animal should also give other supercars, not just the GT-R, something to chew on once it's released, a move that should take place next year.

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