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Why do we think this is the best AMG GT you can buy? Let Dan talk you through it...

Can too many bells and whistles actually spoil a fundamentally sorted car? That was the suspicion when we first drove the Mercedes-AMG GT S on the launch and a fear not countered by the news of the 585hp, four-wheel steer GT R launched at Goodwood. Sure, it'll be bonkers fast. But will it actually be more fun?
So to the other end of the range and the 'basic' AMG GT that kicks off the range - the one with 'just' 462hp, passive dampers as standard and an old-school mechanical locking diff. Does it cut through the nonsense and show the GT's real AMG character? Join Dan for a rambling drive/chat across the moors and further exploration of the theme of our earlier review.

And once done ponder this question; are there any other cars where the entry-level version might actually be better than the supposedly 'better' ones further up the range?

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