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Ladies and gentlemen drivers, there are two aspects we need to set straight before diving deeper into this tale. First of all, we're dealing with a rendering, so those of us hoping for an eccentric shop out there to build a two-door incarnation of the 2019 Mercedes-AMG G63 might still have some waiting to do.

Secondly, the title above doesn't reflect the real-world design and that's because the Jimny was obviously called a baby G-Class, while there are also aftermarket kits that will turn the little Japanese offroader into a Gelandewagen (here's an example for you).

With that out of the way, allow me to bring us back in time to 2011, when the Mercedes-Benz stopped making the short wheelbase incarnation of the G-Class.

Affalterbach fans had nothing to be upset about at the time, since neither the G63, nor the G55 that came before it were ever delivered in AMG trim. In fact, the most muscle you could get on a SWB G-Class came via the naturally aspirated V8 of the G500 (here's a review of the G500 Cabriolet).

Of course, the tales above involve the previous incarnation of the Mercedes G-Class. Well, the brand new one that sits in showrooms nowadays doesn't come with less than four doors, but the pixel play we have here beings us just that.

And while Car News Network, which is behind this image, was at it, the label decided to bring us the machine in Mercedes-AMG G63 form, which obviously makes everything better.

Heck, the shorter wheelbase might even improve some of the offroading stuff, even though not that many G63 owners take their $150,000+ toy off the beaten path (nevertheless, here's the old G63 tackling the desert in our review).

Sure, the distance between this bad boy's axles could be a bit larget, so those being accomodated in the back could actually enjoy the trip, but this is only a rendering after all, so I won't complain.
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