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We constantly bring you renderings that can be labeled as automotive dreams. And while some of these are simply here for the fun of it, portraying outlandish creations, others depict creations that would make full sense and should land in showrooms. And the freshest example of the latter comes from the machine we have here, namely the Mercedes-AMG EQSL.

The pixel play comes from Jan Peisert, an artist whose work we've featured on multiple occasions and brings us the kind of design you'd expect after taking a look at the EQ models showcased to date.

Of course, we are getting a bit ahead of ourselves when thinking of such a machine. Then again, there are least two reasons for which it should be produced.

First of all, the three-pointed star is currently strengthening its new electric vehicle division, the EQ. So far, we've only met the EQX crossover, but we know that at least two models are approaching their debut. We're referring to the EQA compact and the EQS flagship sedan.

Well, the electron juice lineup could also do with a flagship two-door and we'll list this as reason number one.

As for the #2 reason, this involves the downward trajectory of the Mercedes-Benz SL. You see, SL sales are falling - back in 2005, the automaker convinced 10,000 customers that the SL is the car for them. However, the 2017 financial figures show that number has dropped to 3,000.

While the whole convertible market has shrunk, we can also blame the fact that the SL has gone soft. So redefining the badge should help.

After all, this generously-sized roadster has brilliant Grand Tourer assets, while also honoring MB tradition.

And with Mercedes-AMG recently hinting that it is looking to play with EQ models, this could be the final piece of the puzzle.
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